Success is like a Taekwondo game. A defeat isn’t considered when you fall down. A defeat is considered when you refuse to stand up and get on your feet.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall in life trying to achieve your dreams and goals. What matters is how hard are you willing to persevere the hardship along the way.

The world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, life will always hit you the wrong angle and its not a place for the kind that easily give in.

Every lion wants to eat but a few are willing to hunt. You either chase your pray, or die hungry.



I always believed in myself and to achieve my goals was my priority. In this case, getting a BlackBelt before finishing high school was one of my greatest ambitions and gladly i made it.

With hard work comes success. And time came for my BlackBelt Test. At first i wasn’t prepared for it coz we had a tournament at the same time, and all my focus was on winning the tournament. But all in all, i did my test and it wasn’t as tough as i thought it will be. I was a little bit nervous thou, considering so many people looking at me while grading, it was not that comfortable somehow.

Adi Lee balckbelt graduation

Actually, i forgot to mention my best friend here, we were graduating at the some time and honestly, i got most of the courage from coz he’s always charming and jokes around and makes me feel all is normal. we were the only two doing the graduation.

adi lee graduation blackbelt

My greatest lesson i learnt from my graduation day was that, a blackbelt wasn’t just a piece of cloth one ties around the waist, If you see a senior student wearing a belt, then know you really have to respect the guy.

adi lee blackbelt graduation

Without forgetting, all my thanks to my Coach Suleiman and my Grand Master BOB. Most importantly i Thank my dad coz he believed in me and supported me all thsese while. Thank you Dad.

adi lee blackbelt
from right, me, Our Deputy Principal, My friend Dahir, Coach Bob and Mr. Swalah (former Taekwondo instructor)
adi lee blackbelt
Receiving my belt infront of my schoolmates



If you are here, I hope you already read the previous post before this. If not, Read it here

To try catching up, I had to push myself really hard. I still call this period, The period of perseverance. So I always woke up early during holidays, go to the forest, and try the new gymnastic styles I saw the kids perform. I didn’t know where to start but one way or another I had to flip backwards, no matter what.
It took me weeks of trial and error with injuries. Sometimes I jump so high, try to flip I the air but fail. I will then land with a heavy thud and cry in pain. I remember vividly, at times I used to sit down cross-legged and sob myself to tears when I couldn’t do the flips perfectly. I would then stand up with fury and throw myself high and since Furious mind never makes a right, I will land with my back and cry again. I will go home down-casted and times like this, I never spoke to anyone or explain why my hair was full of soil.
This went on till one day I twisted my neck and this made me stop my “training” for weeks. After I was sure my neck was doing just fine. I decided to hit my training ground again. This time with renewed energy. To cut the story short, I made it. I was able to Flip backwards, frontwards, and many styles on my own. I was really proud of this.
I went to challenge the kids I saw last time perform in school. I was surprised I was ahead of them and I could jump and flip better than them. This kind of achievements is what I enjoyed most.

Next.. How I begun full martial art training.

Beginning of my martial life.

Ever since I was born, I had this inner spirit which always directed me into martial art. Everything I did, everything I thought of and all my childhood games were all based on martial art. When I was young, I used to kick and punch trees and do all crazy stuff. That was my favourite childhood game. At times, I felt so different from other kids around me, considering where I was born-where nobody knew what martial art is. So everyone must have thought I was a “lunatic” kid.
During my free times, I always spent all my time in training in the bushes. It was during one of these days when i was in primary school, I saw kids somersaulting and doing all gymnastic stuff in school. I was surprised. I was immediately seized my the urge of learning gymnastics. The problem was, I had nobody to teach me. One thing during my childhood, I never liked to appear as someone who knows nothing. I always wanted everyone to know that I knew everything when it came to martial art. Awkward right? But that was how I was.
Seeing kids like me do gymnastic stuff alerted me that I was way lagging far behind. So I decided to catch up. The question is, how? Read next….


I began the desire for martial art ever since I was young. I always punched, kicked and wrestled with trees and any obstacle on my way. I never had a teacher or anyone to teach me martial art. Considering the place where I was born, there were no martial art schools.
I loved gymnastics. I practiced gymnastics all by myself when I was in primary school. I never had any martial art style I wanted to specialize into. I considered all martial art styles the same and I saw no difference. I always said,
“As long as we humans have two legs and two hands, there’s no difference with what we do with our hands an legs.”.….


21st March 2015 is a whole lot experience for me. Our taekwondo team (Global Taekwondo Foundation) was participating in the 2nd Agility Cup organized by the Mombasa Taekwondo Center.


The day was a happy day for most of us especially me since I was the captain and it was not my first time to participate in a competition unlike the rest of the team. This was there first time and they all looked nervous and somehow scared. But the fear and the nervousness everyone had was nothing compared to the curiosity and the happiness that filled our hearts before we left the school.

The happiness we had before we left for the tournament made us forget the opponents ahead of us.
The happiness we had before we left for the tournament made us forget the opponents ahead of us.

Immediately the bus left the school gate, everyone was quiet and deep in thoughts. We reached the place where the competition was to be done.

High school students were already prepared and the tournament started. From our club, we were only seven participants. As a captain and the only guy ever participated in tournaments, i was required to motivate my team mates. This was not a difficult thing to me. I started my motivational advise hoping everyone would relax and let their minds belief that their opponents are weak and can’t defeat them.

We then took our seats as we waited for our time to come. As we waited, i became more nervous and i couldn’t for my name to be mentioned. I wanted to be on stage already, facing my opponent.

WE eagerly waited for our time
WE eagerly waited for our time

When the tournament started, everyone was surprised. We became position three in the high schools and colleges category. individually, we had one gold medal, four silver medals and one bronze. I was very pleased when my name was called to take the club’s Award.

I was called to receive the club's Award.
I was called to receive the club’s Award.

Adi Lee and Coach Nathan Award