I always believed in myself and to achieve my goals was my priority. In this case, getting a BlackBelt before finishing high school was one of my greatest ambitions and gladly i made it.

With hard work comes success. And time came for my BlackBelt Test. At first i wasn’t prepared for it coz we had a tournament at the same time, and all my focus was on winning the tournament. But all in all, i did my test and it wasn’t as tough as i thought it will be. I was a little bit nervous thou, considering so many people looking at me while grading, it was not that comfortable somehow.

Adi Lee balckbelt graduation

Actually, i forgot to mention my best friend here, we were graduating at the some time and honestly, i got most of the courage from coz he’s always charming and jokes around and makes me feel all is normal. we were the only two doing the graduation.

adi lee graduation blackbelt

My greatest lesson i learnt from my graduation day was that, a blackbelt wasn’t just a piece of cloth one ties around the waist, If you see a senior student wearing a belt, then know you really have to respect the guy.

adi lee blackbelt graduation

Without forgetting, all my thanks to my Coach Suleiman and my Grand Master BOB. Most importantly i Thank my dad coz he believed in me and supported me all thsese while. Thank you Dad.

adi lee blackbelt
from right, me, Our Deputy Principal, My friend Dahir, Coach Bob and Mr. Swalah (former Taekwondo instructor)
adi lee blackbelt
Receiving my belt infront of my schoolmates