An old man was travelling in a bus with his 16 year old son. The son kept telling the father. ” Dad! Look! The trees are moving opposite direction!” The father will nod his head and smile.. The son again sees the clouds moving and changing position high in the sky and the son will tell his dad in amusement, ” Look dad! The clouds are moving with us!!!” The father nods his head every time with a smile on his face.

A couple sitting next to the father and son saw all this happenings and told the father. ” Old man, you should take your son to hospital and see a doctor. He is not ok”

The father with tears in his eyes told the couple, “You are right. Infact we just came from the doctor now. My son has been blind ever since he was born, today he got his eyesight back. He is so happy today he sees what he has ever wanted to see. Am so happy.”

The couple were ashamed when they heard that.


We should not judge others Just by their appearance and their habbits. Everyone is fighting his/her own battle. Just because someone is behaving differently from your expectations doesn’t give you the right to judge others.



A crocodile was basking in the sun and got very hungry. He saw a snail coming towards him from a far end on the river bank. He opened his mouth wide excitedly and waited for the snail crawl right into his mouth. He kept waiting for a long time but the snail was very very slow and it seemed to be taking years to reach where the croc was. The crocodile waited and waited untill he died of hunger. By the time the snail reached the croc, he was already dead and the snail just continued with its slow journey.


Most of us are like the croc, we see opportunities in our life but we dont go for it. We just sit back and wait for success to fall upon us out of the blue sky. The croc is fast and strong, instead of moving towards the snail, it chose to wait for the slow snail to come and in the process it ended up dead.

Dont wait for opportunities to come, you should create those opportunities yourself. If you keep waiting, opportunities will just pass by wothout you knowing.


Success is like a Taekwondo game. A defeat isn’t considered when you fall down. A defeat is considered when you refuse to stand up and get on your feet.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall in life trying to achieve your dreams and goals. What matters is how hard are you willing to persevere the hardship along the way.

The world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, life will always hit you the wrong angle and its not a place for the kind that easily give in.

Every lion wants to eat but a few are willing to hunt. You either chase your pray, or die hungry.


The world we live in is full of surprises, disappointments and frustrations. And there’s nobody who’s safe from these. From time to time things may go wrong and its upon us to get hold of our reactions when dealing with our challenges.

There are people who will hate you, humiliate you and taunt you not because you did anything wrong to them, but there are people who are like Garbage trucks. They are full of garbage, dirt and nothing clean in their hearts. So the only thing they deliver to the society is garbage. The work of a garbage truck is to deliver garbage and dirt.

So don’t be like a garbage truck. Don’t let your bad temper and your downfall ruin the good moments others are having…No matter what you are facing…smile at other because it takes only a smile to make dark days seem bright. Get hold of your challenges and face them.