Beginning of my martial life.

Ever since I was born, I had this inner spirit which always directed me into martial art. Everything I did, everything I thought of and all my childhood games were all based on martial art. When I was young, I used to kick and punch trees and do all crazy stuff. That was my favourite childhood game. At times, I felt so different from other kids around me, considering where I was born-where nobody knew what martial art is. So everyone must have thought I was a “lunatic” kid.
During my free times, I always spent all my time in training in the bushes. It was during one of these days when i was in primary school, I saw kids somersaulting and doing all gymnastic stuff in school. I was surprised. I was immediately seized my the urge of learning gymnastics. The problem was, I had nobody to teach me. One thing during my childhood, I never liked to appear as someone who knows nothing. I always wanted everyone to know that I knew everything when it came to martial art. Awkward right? But that was how I was.
Seeing kids like me do gymnastic stuff alerted me that I was way lagging far behind. So I decided to catch up. The question is, how? Read next….


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