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To try catching up, I had to push myself really hard. I still call this period, The period of perseverance. So I always woke up early during holidays, go to the forest, and try the new gymnastic styles I saw the kids perform. I didn’t know where to start but one way or another I had to flip backwards, no matter what.
It took me weeks of trial and error with injuries. Sometimes I jump so high, try to flip I the air but fail. I will then land with a heavy thud and cry in pain. I remember vividly, at times I used to sit down cross-legged and sob myself to tears when I couldn’t do the flips perfectly. I would then stand up with fury and throw myself high and since Furious mind never makes a right, I will land with my back and cry again. I will go home down-casted and times like this, I never spoke to anyone or explain why my hair was full of soil.
This went on till one day I twisted my neck and this made me stop my “training” for weeks. After I was sure my neck was doing just fine. I decided to hit my training ground again. This time with renewed energy. To cut the story short, I made it. I was able to Flip backwards, frontwards, and many styles on my own. I was really proud of this.
I went to challenge the kids I saw last time perform in school. I was surprised I was ahead of them and I could jump and flip better than them. This kind of achievements is what I enjoyed most.

Next.. How I begun full martial art training.


Beginning of my martial life.

Ever since I was born, I had this inner spirit which always directed me into martial art. Everything I did, everything I thought of and all my childhood games were all based on martial art. When I was young, I used to kick and punch trees and do all crazy stuff. That was my favourite childhood game. At times, I felt so different from other kids around me, considering where I was born-where nobody knew what martial art is. So everyone must have thought I was a “lunatic” kid.
During my free times, I always spent all my time in training in the bushes. It was during one of these days when i was in primary school, I saw kids somersaulting and doing all gymnastic stuff in school. I was surprised. I was immediately seized my the urge of learning gymnastics. The problem was, I had nobody to teach me. One thing during my childhood, I never liked to appear as someone who knows nothing. I always wanted everyone to know that I knew everything when it came to martial art. Awkward right? But that was how I was.
Seeing kids like me do gymnastic stuff alerted me that I was way lagging far behind. So I decided to catch up. The question is, how? Read next….


I began the desire for martial art ever since I was young. I always punched, kicked and wrestled with trees and any obstacle on my way. I never had a teacher or anyone to teach me martial art. Considering the place where I was born, there were no martial art schools.
I loved gymnastics. I practiced gymnastics all by myself when I was in primary school. I never had any martial art style I wanted to specialize into. I considered all martial art styles the same and I saw no difference. I always said,
“As long as we humans have two legs and two hands, there’s no difference with what we do with our hands an legs.”.….